Omega - Leading Women


Omega aimed to strengthen its brand performance in its key positioning area with upscale, influential and sophisticated women and promote its Ladymatic collection that stands for elegance, success, power and tenderness.


CNN created a bespoke TV segment, monthly program and online section dedicated to influential women. Presented by CNN’s leading anchors Becky Anderson, Kristie Lu Stout and Felicia Taylor, Leading Women features extraordinary women from around the globe who are at the top of their field across both business sectors and creative areas.


  • 81% Total Campaign cut through for Omega
  • +57% In prompted advertising awareness
  • +60% In likelihood to buy Omega
  • +83% In brand recommendation of Omega
  • +89% Of the respondent agreed that CNN is the right place to advertise for Omega

**Source: Ad Campaign Effectiveness Survey - Independent Research Study (BDRC Continental Research) 2014