Emirates - Destination Dubai


Emirates wanted to showcase Dubai from the eyes of travellers who come through Dubai, all while creating the link that Emirates Airline is the ideal travel partner for your visit to or through Dubai.


The Destination Dubai campaign for Emirates Airline was a bespoke creative solution that ran exclusively on CNN. The campaign was both Online and on TV. The online strategy developed by TCP, CNN’s in-house creative agency, was a clean HTML 5 Native Destination Dubai site that lived within the platform and was accessible through links and banners on the site. The site built on the use of four films that showcased Dubai from the vantage point of the traveller and further elaborated on the stories of the personalities who speak about Dubai within the films. The exquisitely shot films showcased the vibrancy and sophistication of Dubai and evoked a sense of wonder and intrigue about Dubai that is not usually seen.


The overall TV and Digital campaign yielded strong results, with Intention to Visit Dubai increasing from 64% from control respondents to 88% for test respondents who recalled the campaign who are regular CNN consumers. From the respondents surveyed Dubai was seen as a modern, luxury destination with a range of experiences to enjoy, all of which were objectives put forth by Emirates Airline.

  • at the World Luxury Award (2015) Gold
  • at the Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Solutions (2015) Bronze