Sofitel - Fashion Season Paris


Sofitel was looking to build brand awareness in a creative and compelling way, be associated with high quality lifestyle content in line with their core values of 'French Elegance' and 'Art de Vivre', and increase awareness amongst their target audience of luxury consumers, high income earners and frequent travellers.


Sofitel Luxury Hotels celebrated its 50th Anniversary with CNN in an exclusive media partnership for its first-ever global television advertising campaign. CNN offered an exclusive cross-platform partnership of the Fashion Season: Paris Theme Weeks coinciding with the Spring and Fall Paris Fashion shows.


Geoffray Maugin, VP Global Marketing and Digital, Sofitel Luxury Hotels said on the partnership:

The "Life is Magnifique" campaign marks the first ever global TV advertising for Sofitel by BETC. To match Sofitel's worldwide presence, we have naturally decided to launch it via the powerful CNN international TV & Digital Network covering Europe, Asia, Middle-East=Africa and the Americas. The associated sponsoring of "Fashion Season: Paris" programming reinforces Sofitel's position around "French Elegance". What a great way to celebrate Sofitel's 50th anniversary!

Fashion Season

Paris Digital Section reports during Paris Fashion Week in February results:

  • 875k PVs
  • 5k Daily Unique Visitors (average)
  • 159k Visits
  • 5.5k PVs per visit




**CNN Research – Omniture Section Reports from Feb. 24 – March 18, 2014 (during Paris Fashion week)