Lexus - Blueprint


Lexus wanted to raise awareness and affinity of its brand amongst a younger elite audience and to be associated with relevant content that reflects its ability to 'create amazing' in the fields of design, technology and sustainability.


CNN offered Lexus a brand new series, 'Blueprint', which explored ground-breaking inventions and developments in the fields of design, technology and sustainability developed by students at the world's leading Design Schools.

Digital Campaign Results

CNN is the No. 1 News Brand

  • 800k UU per month (average)
  • Top3 Amongst the top 3 performing sections on
  • >111k Likes for the 17 posted TV episodes only
  • 16% Higher brand recommendation vs. +11% for other brands*
  • +62% Likelihood of purchase* **
  • +38% Spontaineous awareness of Lexus*
  • +18% Familiarity with Lexus*


* amongst tested CNN viewers

** based on net likely (very + quite)

*** CNN Proprietary ad effectiveness study by BDRC Continental - 4 Markets (UK, germany, France, Russia) = Test & control - 1610 respondents - Q4 2013