Cathay Pacific - Life Well Travelled
& The Trip That Changed My Life


Cathay wanted to move away from traditional push messaging and make real connections with travelers on their own terms. And they wanted to do this in a trusted environment that these travelers visited on a regular basis. It was new territory, a new approach and CNN was identified as a key partner to develop a content led and audience targeted media campaign.


CNN’s recommendation to Cathay was based on the insight that it is the experiences one enjoys while travelling, and the inspirations that are drawn from those experiences that stay with travelers. This led to the creation of a branded content piece designed specifically to appeal to the frequent business & leisure traveler audience. The global campaign captured the spirit of a life well-travelled. The Ad Feature Page, created by TCP, CNN's in-house creative agency, featured Usman Haque, an architect, designer and artist. Haque believes that almost every project he has done has, in one way or another, been inspired by a trip, or an experience he's had while travelling. TCP managed to capture the very essence of this by filming and documenting his journey from London to Hong Kong on a Cathay Pacific business trip.

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The Cathay Pacific campaign also aligned on-air and on-line with the contextual editorial sponsored content “The Trip that Changed My Life’ which focused on a key business inspiration experienced during a journey from the likes of Airbnb co-founder to author/life hacker Tim Ferris.

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Advertisement Feature Page

  • 250,317 Pageviews
  • 196,541 Unique Visits to the Ad Feature Page
  • 3:50 Average Time Spent on the Ad Feature Page

The Trip that Changed My Life Editorial

  • 7.8m Pageviews
  • 885,000 Unique Visitors
  • 3:20 Average Time Spent


Early results from a BDRC Continental Ad Effectiveness Survey found that

  • 95% of test respondents that recall the campaign claimed to have better impression of Cathay Pacific after seeing it
  • 55% Campaign recall